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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Enough Already...

I just read this on ESPN:

I am a big baseball fan, and have been since I was a child. I understand how people look at the steroids issue with regard to statistics and history, and I am sure someone else has pointed the public in the direction that I am about to approach. So if you have read this before... ignore my point of view.

I am confident that Major League Baseball knew that players have been using steroids for years. I can not believe that MLB officials were in the dark when players started getting physically larger and home runs were flying out of the ballpark at the rate of 60 and 70 plus a season. Did MLB rake in the cash during this new era of baseball? You better believe it...

Point is, it was convenient for MLB to ignore the issue then, and now that our government officials, who seem to have nothing better to do, are probing, MLB looks to toughen up. If MLB had any balls, they would admit they ignored the problem, accept responsibility, formulate fair guidelines on future use of steroids, and tell the US government to piss off and work on something useful like health care reform.

So with that said... Leave Barry Bonds alone. Let him suffer the potential side effects of steroid use if he has juiced himself. Realize that his hand/eye coordination is amazing and that he is a solid hitter. If we are to hold him in judgement, let's take a good look at Jason Giambi, Sammy Sosa, and numerous others that may have used steroids while playing.

Enough already, and let us relish the fact that the New York Mets will be in the playoffs this year. Lets Go Mets!


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