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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Don't Blame My Dad...

My family's long history with the New York Mets dates back to the team's meager beginnings. My father, Brooklyn-born Dodger blue, converted immediately to a Mets fan in their year of inception, 1962. We were raised Mets fans, and would have had our asses kicked if it was any other way.

So regarding the recent events: the inconsistent playing, the negative media, and the firing of Willie Randolph, Rick Petersen and Tom Neito, the Mets look pretty pathetic.

Of course, there is this picture that surfaced, linking my dad to Omar Minaya. All I can say is that despite how the picture looks, Omar did not seek the advice of my father or the Tretler men before he has made a number of ill-fated decisions.

So, do not blame us for the current state of the Mets. Call the New York Mets front office and recommend that they hire all three Tretler men as top level consultants. We clearly have the best interest of the Mets and their fan base in mind. Hell, call your Congressmen and Senators and demand that the Mets give us jobs. We will have the team in first place by mid-August.